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November 17, 2017

As a personal trainer I hear so much about how people are looking forward to coming to one of my classes, but they aren’t fit enough yet. It’s one of the weirdest things for me to deal with! I hope I put it out there that my classes are for everyone at any ability. If you think you aren’t flexible enough to come to a yoga class but you like the idea of trying it out, when are you flexible enough! And how do you see yourself getting flexible enough!

As a Gym, Fashionable Fitness prides itself on being inclusive, where every ability is welcome. We have great instructors who love helping people & if you are starting out we are happy to help you to work within your own capabilities. If you need to work light or take lots of rests then that’s what we will encourage. The last thing we want as instructors is for you to be so sore that you can’t train for the best part of the week because your muscles are so sore.

So, if you have been putting it off waiting for something magic to change in you to get in the gym & start doing classes, maybe you are ready right now! Drop in or give us a message we are really happy to help!

Ricky Stewert
Personal Trainer